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Thai Basil Agua Fresca Recipe

Thai Basil Agua Fresca

I love basil. A lot. This is a fairly recent discovery for me, because I never liked the herby taste of cilantro, oregano, or parsley and got it into my head that all herbs would taste like grass. But gosh, basil. It's … Read More...

Tropical Punch Recipe

Tropical Punch

Who needs kool-aid when you can make a huge variety of fruit punches from healthy whole foods? Some great variations on this recipe are to use apple or grape juice with berries and/or melons instead. … Read More...

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Pizza Soup

Pizza Soup

Guys. Guys. GUYS. Have you ever wanted to drink a pizza? Probably not. But now's your chance. This is SUPER … Read More...

Scotch Eggs

I almost always have some hard-boiled eggs on hand. They're so easy to make and even if you don't like the way … Read More...