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Primal Gingerbread Dip

This is a wonderful treat for anyone that tolerates dairy well and one of my favorite things to serve to company at gatherings. It goes very well with sliced green apples and strawberries! … Read More...

Chicken Schwarma

This is really heavily seasoned chicken cooked until crispy and packing a bit of heat. I looooove it any time I'm craving Indian or Cajun food, and it's fantastic over rice (cauliflower or otherwise) or alongside some … Read More...

Southwest Chicken

This is based on a chili recipe I used to make as a vegan -- with two different types of beans and a whole lotta corn. This version is Paleo (obviously) and in my opinion, a whole heck of a lot tastier! … Read More...

Sundried Tomato Pasta

Oh my goodness. I was never a big tomato fan (and you can absolutely make this recipe with my nomato sauce), but there's just something about sundried tomatoes. What a punch of flavor. This recipe is great with chicken … Read More...

Basil Orange Juice Recipe

Basil Orange Juice

Have I mentioned how much I love basil? I'm sure I have, but I can't say it enough. I put it in everything. This orange juice is a step above any orange juice you've had before (well, any that didn't have alcohol added, … Read More...