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My “Five Things” guide will teach you how to improve your health in ten minutes or less with things like:

  • The #1 barrier to weight loss
  • A simple, surprising way to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression
  • How to get more exercise without even feeling like you’re exercising

... and if you stick around, there will be more good things on the way!

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Hi! I’m Christina.

In my early twenties, after more than a decade of declining health, I was diagnosed with four autoimmune diseases. Name any symptom, and I probably had it. I was too sick to work, enjoy my relationships, or have any hope for the future. In 2012, I started the Paleo autoimmune protocol as a last, desperate attempt to save my own life. Now I'm healthier than ever. But I'm not a health nut or a foodie. There are so many things I'd rather do than cook. All I want is a satisfying meal that doesn't make me feel like garbage... and the occasional indulgence. At A Clean Plate, you'll find tons of allergen-free recipes that are not only tasty and healthy but simple to prepare. Take a look around!

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Blogging Resources

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Just getting started as a blogger? Or maybe you're looking to set up a brochure, portfolio, or storefront for your business or hobbies? It's easier than you might think! This quick guide will walk you through everything you'll need to set up your website in ten minutes flat. (And if it still sounds like more trouble than it's worth, you can always work with me to set up, design, and/or maintain … Read More

The Fresh Perspective Genesis WordPress Theme

The Fresh Perspective Genesis Wordpress Theme is a bright, feminine burst of white and pink perfect for any visual artist looking for a beautiful blog design and portfolio. This theme is available for instant download and requires the Genesis Framework to run. It only works on self-hosted Wordpress sites (not Check out the screenshots below or view the live demo of Fresh … Read More

A Genesis Design Makeover for

As two of the earliest autoimmune protocol bloggers, Eileen Laird of and I go way back. Well, five years or so. That's pretty way back in the special-diet-that-isn't-vegan food-blogging world. She and her husband were guests on my YouTube series a few years ago and I'm a frequent contributor to her AIP recipe roundups. When she needed help redesigning her website for 2017, I was … Read More